Ways You Can Re-do Your Washroom

It is not only the living room areas that you can re design and bring a new life to. People are looking for ways to re design and bring new life to their washrooms as well. But most would think that a real makeover will cost more, but it does not have to be that way. Expert designers now give out ideas so that you can give a makeover to your washroom without overspending or breaking your bank. So let’s look at some ideas that you can really put to use.

Counters are big:

Bathroom shops Sydney and other places are going really big on counter tops these days. Since toilets have only small counters people are also thinking of investing in the granite they always wanted to have. But granite does not come cheap so if you like to save on this, try to look for colours that are not used often. Experts say that brown and tan colours are so popular so they are more expensive. You can also look for the stones that are slightly chipped or discoloured, these can be concealed strategically and you can save a ton of money.

Go slow on the tiles:

these can add a lot of cost to your renovation bill, so try to limit the use of tiles as much as possible. Focus only on the most essential areas such as the floor and limit the use on the walls. If you really like designer tiles, then the best option is to use it in conjunction with cheap tiles.

Do colourwash:

when it comes to stretching the budget the easiest and most convenient option is to colourwash. It will really help to make the washroom look brand new. However you need to consider that fact that painting a bathroom is not easy and great patience and time will need to be spent to do a good job. You will also need to factor in the moisture factor so make sure you use high quality paints.

Check and re-do the fixtures:

when looking to re-model bathrooms, you can always try to fix the sinks, faucets, drainage etc. They are essential for the smooth running of the bathroom. So even for small costs upgrading them can go a long way. The fixtures can also be used ones or repurposed products, such as industrial grade pipes which can double as a clothes rack. Click here for more info on bathrooms Parramatta.

Think environment:

when upgrading, it is a great way to think of the future and save water and heating. So look for fixtures that help you save water and heat. They may cost a little more, but they are worth it in the long run.

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