How To Create Your Own Travel Journal

If you consider yourself to be a wanderer, a free spirit or a bit of a hippy, it is pretty clear that you may be a big fan of travelling to new places and discovering the crooks and crannies of the world. If you’re a dedicated free spirit or a wanderer, you probably have a few future travels planned without a doubt.

All hipsters love the nature and outdoors but they also love making memories so you probably have been thinking of ways in which you could make memories but also make the memories last and I’m pretty sure, your only idea was to take your Polaroid or camera to take some pictures but what if I told you there is a better way? This better way I’m talking about is a, travel journal which is very similar to any other form of journaling and will definitely call for some awesome scrapbooking supplies.

These tips and tricks mentioned below will help you create and design the best travel journal anyone has ever laid eyes upon,

Pick your platform

The most common platform for a travel journal would be in between a couple of blank pages but times have changed now and due to the evolution of the internet, you can share your journey with others by maintaining a blog.

If you’re looking for something personal and easy, you should stick with a blank journal and specifically, a spiral bound book would be the most useful as it will keep from getting chunky and deforming when decorated with your scrapbooking supplies and Polaroid photos.

Be consistent when journaling

The whole idea of a travel journal is to help you keep track of every little detail and memory from your trip so try your best to journal everyday and you don’t have to worry about making everyday’s entry brilliant because it is the authenticity that matters. You can’t always be spending the night decorating everything in pretty colors and Polaroid’s especially not after hiking so many miles.

Make some memories

The whole purpose of bringing along a travel journal is to help you remember the memories made but if you’re always too busy thinking of the journaling, those memories you wrote down may just seem like a bunch of made of stories instead of experiences you actually lived through so don’t forget to keep your journal down once in a while to actually live the experience.

These tips provided on keeping a travel journal will help you create the most memory filled and meaningful book ever.

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