Selecting The Best Quality Cigar – Basics You Must Be Aware Of

Here are some valuable tips for the first time cigar buyers. While you shop for the cigar, make sure that it is fresh enough. Once they are removed from the humidor, they will dry up within say 24 hours.

To check whether it is fresh, you could press it with your fingers and see that the wrapper is tender. If the wrapper cracks when you pinch it, this is a sign, that cigar is in poor condition. 

How to see whether the cigar is of good quality

You could open the box and have a glance at color of all cigars. Only the best quality ones will have the same color. If cigars are discolored, it is the sign of its poor condition. Now, you could cut the cigar to have an excellent draw. Make sure that you don’t cut too less or too much. If you will cut less, the cigar will become difficult to smoke.

On the other hand, if you cut excess, the wrapper might unwind. You could use a double blade or single blade guillotine for this task. Good quality cutters are available for 2$- 300$ depending on their model. If you are buying tobacco online then make sure that you busy them from reputed sellers, so that you will not have to worry about the quality.

What you must know before using the cigar

You have to remember not to light cigar with a gas burning Zippo or matches. They will not actually give the natural taste. Instead, you could use butane lighter or even wooden matches for this task. You could remove the paper ring or ban around the cigar once it is lit. You can buy such accessories and top quality tobacco online. See this page to know where to buy the top quality of tobacco online in Australia.

Things that must be taken care of

Now, you are ready to enjoy your cigar. You have to smoke it and not merely hold it with your teeth or chew it. Make sure that the tip of stogie is dry enough so that you get an excellent draw. If you are beginner, you could full your stomach before smoking your first cigar. This will avoid any kind of stomach cramps.

How to avoid excessive harm to your body

To prevent the tar build up, you must keep your cigar at slow burn or else your cigar might taste too strong to enjoy. Broadly, there are two types of products, handmade one and machine made cigar. Their storage is really important. You must keep them at 70% humidity level with a piece of wet foam place between them. You have to remember that their temperature is at least 70 Fahrenheit.

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