Things That Every Girl Should Have In Their Handbag

redishEvery girl’s saviour at any situation is their handbag. A handbag should have all the necessary items that a girl needs when she is on the run. From the spa to a sudden business meeting, she should be equipped with all the items she needs for a complete change in look. Here is a checklist of all items that should go in your purse.

1. Wallet and keys
Your wallet is one of the key things that should be in your handbag. In your wallet you should have all necessary items such as money, credit cards, ID, driving license, any library or club membership cards etc. Also, your home and car keys are the other obvious things.

2.  Hand sanitizer
Just imagine how much of germs will be in your hands after you’ve used a trolley in the supermarket, the ATM machine, a public washroom and any other place that could be unclean. It’s not practical to keep washing your hands every time you walk out of a supermarket. Hence, hand sanitizer is the quick and easy method to clean your hands, not forgetting that it actually protects your skin.

3. Pain killers and other medical objects
A sudden headache or backache can ruin your whole day. You do not want to fall behind in your important work because of a mild headache. So always have some aspirins in your handbag. Also, it would be beneficial to keep some plasters and cotton too.

4. Emergency make-up kit
If you have a sudden invite to a dinner party and you’re just after work, you will not have time to go home n dress up. So, always be ready to party at any time. Keep a quick-effect face wash such as Benzac face wash which will clean out your face in one wash. Then, have a mini kit with a compact powder, eye-liner and a lip gloss. You will be good to go.

5. Tissues and perfume
After you wash you face with a face wash say, dermaveen eczema cream, you need to wipe your face thoroughly so that you can put your make-up on. So, carry a small packet of tissues so that you can use it at any time. Also, to make you feel fresh, have a body spray or a little roll-on perfume. A deodorant too is vital to keep you away from a sweaty and smelly shirt after work.

6. Sanitary napkins
A girl is prone to an emergency regarding lady problems. Better to be equipped with everything you need to get you through a rough day. Keep a few sanitary napkins or tampons along with some tissues and any other personal things you would use during that time period.

If you girls have these few things in your handbag, you will not have anything to worry about. Apart from these things you can carry a mint pack and even a snack to keep you out of hunger when you are stuck in traffic on the way home. Ladies, have a fully prepared handbag and you’ll be ready to roll.

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