5 Mistakes To Avoid During A Long Hike

Hikes are one of those activities where you can make memories for a lifetime. In fact, it is still considered as one of the oldest and most popular outdoor activities ever. If you’re a fan, you’ll be thrilled to read what’s coming ahead. Things are different when it comes to a long hike; you spend more time away from cities, the supplies are limited and the list goes on. But what would happen if you didn’t pay attention to the most critical needs?Here are 5 must-avoid mistakes in a long hike.

Not equipping people with person emergency items

The power of a safety whistle Australia truly showcases itself when your voice just can’t draw the attention of your herd in a need. We never know about the geological features of the area we hike normally. Hence, you should have some sort of an equipment, preferably a whistling device, to send the whereabouts of your location effectively. When each member has one, there’s no need to worry about them being lost.

Not having at least one trained emergency rescuer

No matter how many dangerous hikes you’ve been to, you still don’t qualify as a trained rescuer. In fact, it is mandatory for a group of hikers who are to go on an extreme hike to have a professional around them. Consult some search and rescue equipment suppliers and they will teach you about all the items that should go in your inventory. On the worst case, equipping your best hiker with these items will be a true solace to you.

Travelling without a guide

What if your so-reliable GPS system ran out of signals in the middle of nowhere? This is why having an experienced guide throughout the hike will keep you off of countless deathly troubles at all times. On the other hand, he/she will be able to show you amazing places as you go and suggest you unexplored paths to try out.

Forgetting to leave marks on your path

As the forest or the mountain gets thicker and farther from civilizations, it might be hard to keep track on the path you should follow back. The solution for this is not scarring vegetation but using portable safety marking/signs. This will clearly show the path depending on the visibility of the place you leave them and it will make sure that you’re not lost in the end of the day.

Not carrying enough water and food

This precaution doesn’t imply that you have a chance of getting stuck in a forest but just to make sure that you’re well hydrated and far away from being famished, it’s ideal to take enough supplies at all times.

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